How to Activate Office 2013 Within 5 Minutes on PC

By | August 5, 2016

Activate Office 2013
Microsoft Office is the best application for computer, laptop. You must need this application to create documents for different purpose. We also know that Office products is not free, and you must purchase if you want to use Activate Office 2013. There are many activator tools that you can use to make Office premium version. Today you are going to know how to active office 2013. The guideline will be going ahead using a tool named KMSpico.

So, if you are looking the best article about how to active office 2013, 2010, 2016, then you should read this article. By following the article, you will get the solution within 5 minutes for a lifetime. So let’s know more about the tool and the process of activation.

How to activate office 2013 using a guaranteed method?

Online has lots of methods to activate office 2013. But all the methods don’t work properly and there is no surety. Some tools can provide you the solution,  but there you can face some limitation. But we are going to share a method where you will get guaranteed solution. By following the guideline, no need to do worry again about activation of office 2013.

Why KMSpico for activating office 2013?

KMSpico is one of the most powerful and successful tools to activate office 2013. This software has good and best positive user reviews. After testing this tool we also got good service. By using it, there is no risk and it is safe to use. There are also many ways to activate your office application, but they are very harmful and it can damage your computer. With KMSpico, you can register your office with fully safe and secure.

This tool has no virus, malware and other harmful threats. It is very easy to use and provide a permanent solution. After updating office 2013, you will not face any activation problem again. Another hand, It activates office 2013 just a click. So, hopefully, now you are clear about why it is best.

How to Activate Office 2013
How KMSpico works?

Basically, KMSpico modifies the windows registry entries. It is a key management service tool so it modifies the registry like genuine service. KMSpico replaces the installation key using a volume key. The KMS server provides another volume key if any wrong happened. So, if an activation problem was seen, it is for a few moments.

So, you can easily complete the registration your Office application by using KMSpico. With this tool, you can also activate your Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 with 32 bit and 64 bit. So, this is the best application for everyone who wants to use Microsoft office or Windows operating system.

How to download KMSpico?

In the Internet, you able to download KMSpico, but you need to complete a survey to get it. Here, we are providing the latest version of KMSpico for free. You will find an article to download in below. It is very easy, just search our site. So, please download this application and enjoy premium version Office.

Video Tutorial:

How To Activate Office 2013 by Using KMSpico?

The process is simply easy. Just download it before completing the steps. For installing it, you must need to have .Net Framework 4.0 or upper version. If not have, please add this feature. Now check your clock and follow all the steps given below.

  • At first, please disable your antivirus or other security apps.
  • Now run the downloaded exe installer file as administrator permission.
  • After completing the installation, run the software using administrator permission.
  • Just click on the red button and within a minute you will successfully get the activation notification.
  • Now check the activation of office 2013 and enjoy.
  • Why have you to disable antivirus or other security software?

Download: KMSpico

Previously, we discussed that KMSpico modifies the system registry of the office 2013. Antivirus and other security software don’t allow other apps to modify the registry. Normally, if they provide this permission, it will be very easy to add malware code or destroying the use of the software.

Not only finish here, it can be more harmful and dangerous. But KMSpico is safe to use, but antivirus does not know it is safe or not. So that you have to disable antivirus or other security apps.

In sum up, I believe that you got the solution how to activate office 2013 properly within 5 minutes.

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